Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Windsor Offers Recyclable Pallets in Ongoing Sustainability Effort

Based in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group has specialized in providing in-store marketing solutions for the past four decades. Always striving to be more environmentally responsible, Windsor Marketing Group recently implemented fully recyclable pallets into its storage operations.

The company’s 250,000-square-foot warehouse in Suffield will now exclusively offer customers deep green skid pallets as part of its efforts to become more mindful of the environment. These pallets, which are 100-percent recyclable, are constructed out of a special type of Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper that can hold approximately 2 1/2 tons of weight. The pallets themselves, made of 11-percent recycled material, have also been given the Sustainable Forestry Initiative stamp of approval.

The move comes as the company continues shifting operations more toward sustainability. Along with offering recyclable pallets, Windsor Marketing Group is installing new LED lighting in the warehouse and changed out their parking lot lights for these more energy-efficient fixtures.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feed the Children - Fighting Malaria in Uganda

Headquartered in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group provides a holistic in-store marketing approach to help businesses understand their customers and boost sales. Active in charitable giving, Windsor Marketing Group has participated in the Bozzuto Memorial Charity Classic to benefit a number of charitable organizations, including Feed the Children.

In addition to distributing food to children around the world, Feed the Children contributes to the fight against malaria in Uganda. In August 2016, the Ugandan branch of Feed the Children distributed mosquito nets treated with insecticide in the Twonokun village of the Gulu district, where malaria has been difficult to prevent in children.

Feed the Children partnered with Apolo Grace, a local health officer, to educate the public on the importance of using treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria. This work furthered the efforts of Uganda’s Ministry of Health to increase access to treated mosquito nets, which last longer and are more cost-effective than untreated nets.

Through these efforts, Feed the Children hopes to prevent one of the most harmful diseases in Uganda.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Effective In-Store Merchandising Strategies

Based in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group provides diverse retail customers with a full array of marketing solutions. One key area of Windsor Marketing Group differentiation is in evaluating specific client locations and designing merchandising strategies that generate outsize sales. 

A successful merchandising strategy takes into consideration a variety of factors, from creating an appealing brand image and message, to designing traffic flow in ways that maximize impulse purchases. With an emphasis on upselling and cross-selling, the well-planned retail environment also maximizes use of physical space while maintaining an uncluttered feel. Customers should not need to search too hard to discover the items they are looking for, yet find an ample choice of complementary products in the vicinity to build basket size. 

By providing a shopping experience that is both familiar and changing in ways that appeal, the savvy business owner drives customer loyalty and a sense of expectation and receptivity to spending into each visit.