Friday, January 6, 2017

Effective In-Store Merchandising Strategies

Based in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group provides diverse retail customers with a full array of marketing solutions. One key area of Windsor Marketing Group differentiation is in evaluating specific client locations and designing merchandising strategies that generate outsize sales. 

A successful merchandising strategy takes into consideration a variety of factors, from creating an appealing brand image and message, to designing traffic flow in ways that maximize impulse purchases. With an emphasis on upselling and cross-selling, the well-planned retail environment also maximizes use of physical space while maintaining an uncluttered feel. Customers should not need to search too hard to discover the items they are looking for, yet find an ample choice of complementary products in the vicinity to build basket size. 

By providing a shopping experience that is both familiar and changing in ways that appeal, the savvy business owner drives customer loyalty and a sense of expectation and receptivity to spending into each visit.